Concert of Hans Zimmer


I post this article to share with you my joy at being able to attend the concert of Hans Zimmer, one of the greatest film music composers.

His film scores have rocked my childhood, I have always been very sensitive to the music accompanying the film and so that stir my heart through the emotions they convey.

I’m glad he does his first tour together and that we can share live talent, make us dream and shiver!

His concert will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris Sunday, April 24.

For those who do not know him, he composed the soundtracks of many large American film productions such as Pearl Harbor of Michael Bay, The Dark Knight Rises (Batman), Batman Begins, Inception and Interstellar of Christopher Nolan, Thelma & Louise , Gladiator and Black Hawk of Ridley Scott, Rain Man of Barry Levinson, Backdraft and the Da Vinci Code of Ron Howard, Pirates of the Caribbean’s of Gore Verbinski, Man of steal (superman) of Zack Snyder, the Amazing Spiderman of Marc Webb and many others…..

I made it very fun to play her piano scores such as Pearl Harbor, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean.

I also put the video of my rendition of “He’s a Pirate” on my blog, by cons I was not filmed me playing it.

See you soon to tell you my impressions on the future Hans Zimmer Concert 🙂

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