I have always been attracted by the vastness of space, the universe of which we belong and which we know on this one can be compared to a tiny particle of our galaxy.

The piano songs of my album are trying to express this magnitude, this infinite space that seems so irrational and beautiful. I watched many times the pictures from the Hubble telescope and I found them great and a rare beauty.

If you have not seen them yet, I urge you not to miss this opportunity!

Through my differents piano songs, I wanted both transcribe the emotions I felt while watching his photos but all the hopes and dreams I had in observing the moon, stars, constellations since childhood. Watching the night sky for hours and let go of my thoughts so far away dreaming of that beauty, all that the universe is full, silence and power may one day travel so far!

I dedicate this album to my Father who is passionate about astronomy and I remember the many times we have seen all the stars, constellations, the moon through a telescope in our garden.

This album surely will seem so darkness than previous ones. I tried to expose through some serious agreements but also very sharp contrast between the dark and the light which abounds in our universe.

I want to personally thank my husband for encouraging me to create this blog to support me in my project, for believing in me since the beginning and to join me in this experience.

I let you listen to my album that I hope will make you dream and carry your thoughts in the distant regions of our Galaxy among the stars 🙂