My name is Nathalie ITTA, I decided to create this blog to share with you my passion for the piano.
I play differents styles of music such as pop, rock, classical and film music.
Great composers who have inspired me are Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer, Yann Tiersen, James Horner, Michael Nyman, John Williams….

What interests me most is to rehabilitate a musical work by putting my personal touch.

When I like a title, I make a personal musical performance of this.

I especially like the film music that give me more choice of musical interpretation.

Since April 2015, I started to compose my own songs and I created the album “Préludes d’enfance” composed of small melodies expressing all the emotions experienced during my childhood.

I created a second album “Vie précieuse and ” Supernova” that I let you discover. 

My last album is ” Océan, Fleurs, Version Orchestrale, Monde fantastique,Environnement, Le Temps et Existence “.

I decided to post these albums on my blog to make you share my compositions.

I would be very sensitive to have your opinion on the emotions that these albums makes you feel.

I let you discover my albums I post a new composition every week.

This is ” Nostalgie ” my last composition,  I hope you enjoy it.

You can see my other videos by going to listen to “Album Préludes d’enfance”,  ” Vie Précieuse”,  “Supernova”, ” Océan”, ” Monde Fantastique “, ” Fleurs ” and ” Version Orchestrale “.

Album préludes d'enfance_Partition_Amour

Protégé par ma preuve

vie précieuse m - albumsupernova - albumProtégé par ma preuveProtégé par ma preuve