Concert Ludovico Einaudi


Hello everyone,

Ludovico Einaudi is a great composer and pianist,  I admire a lot this artist.

His compositions are characterized by a music style that is both classic and contemporary atmosphere are very soft, melodious and draw our thoughts to distant lands, full of dreamy nostalgia but also bring me some thoughts on oneself, on others and nature around us.

I had great fun playing the piano several scores of these works such as , Divenire, Oltremare, Experience, Cache-Cache (soundtrack of the film “Intouchables”) and the song that touched me the most was Nuvole Bianche. Playing, I let myself be lulled by its soft, melodious chords.

Ludovico Einaudi inspired me a lot and made me want to compose my own piano pieces.

I am very pleased to attend his concert Saturday, January 30 at the Pilharmonie large room Paris.

I think post shortly after his concert, an article to give you my impressions 🙂

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